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Coming just two weeks before Reagan's re-election, the attempt to woo Jewish voters struck some as opportunistic, and they protested on the streets of the heavily Jewish town of North Woodmere. Seated at the Sabbath table with Reagan was David Melech Friedman his middle name means "king" in Hebrew. The rabbi's son went on to become Trump's bankruptcy lawyer, an advocate for far-right policies on Israel, and now, Trump's choice for ambassador, despite having no diplomatic experience. Cindy Grosz, who said she's known Friedman for nearly 50 years, recalled big parties with boisterous debates about Jewish issues held in his family's sukkah, the outdoor hut Jews build during the harvest festival Sukkot. "He still has the same best friends he's had for over 30 years," Grosz said. At his midtown Manhattan law firm, Friedman opens his offices to those in mourning who need a minyan a quorum of 10 men in Orthodox Judaism to say the Mourner's Kaddish, a prayer that observant Jews say daily for one year after a parent's death. And it was a parent's death, in a way, that brought Friedman and Trump closer together. Over the years, Friedman has told friends the story of how the billionaire real estate mogul defied an oppressive snowstorm that had kept others away to "sit shiva" for Friedman's father during the Jewish mourning period. Educated at Columbia University and NYU School of Law, Friedman developed a reputation as an aggressive, high-stakes bankruptcy attorney, representing Trump when his Atlantic City casinos went through bankruptcy.

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